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natropathy-sm-sqStep into Health is a total wellness centre, offering a range of natural health services to restore vitality and quality of life to all of our clients. We are a dedicated and experienced team offering the following services:

Naturopathic and Nutritional medicine       Herbal medicine      Acupuncture & Chinese massage         Kinesiology       Massage      SCENAR therapy      Weight loss

Our philosophy is based around a holistic approach to health, recognizing that the body functions as a whole. Even if a person is diagnosed with a particular condition, there may be many facets contributing to its manifestation. It is this mindset that allows us to uncover the root cause of health problems rather than just managing symptoms.


What’s On?


In order to truly assist people to become healthy for life and take responsibility for their own wellbeing, we offer a number of additional services including seminars, classes, meditation sessions and walking groups. Keep an eye on facebook to stay up to date or check back here regularly. This is what we have happening over the coming weeks:

Spring Detox special 2016: If you want to dust off the cobwebs after winter this is for you. A 21 day healthy eating program to re-balance and re-energize you. 3 packages to choose from,  depending on your goals: gut, hormones or general health. $279 including products, recipes and an appointment with a practitioner at the beginning and the end of the program. Phone us to enquire, open for new and existing clients: 07 3398 1977.

HcG Weight Loss

Have you heard about the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) eating program? If you have I am sure you are as intrigued about it as we were. If you haven’t, here is some information about the program and how you can use it to regain your health and vitality. HCG is the most recent weight/fat loss program we have added to our programs and we believe, if done properly, it will definitely change your life and the way you think about food. We have a range of nutritional options available for those people who are looking to lose weight for life in a supportive environment.

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A system of medicine to improve and maintain health and wellbeing…

Meet the Team

HCG is the latest weight/fat loss program we have added to our programs…


Detoxification can be one of the most effective tools for rapidly improving the state of your health.

Heidi Costello

"After a car accident I had neck and knee injuries and I soon started to put on the kilos as I struggled to exercise. I tried everything; gym, weight watchers, personal trainers... you name it. I sat between 78 and 83kg regardless of how well I ate and how many times a week I flogged myself at the gym. Nothing.

Then I started to see Maxine.... I found myself at a weight that I hadn't seen since the accident; and am loving surprising myself by fitting into size 10 jeans and skirts... "

John Flett

I returned from USA in December 2007 and was massively overweight at 138kgs and with my blood pressure through the roof at 212 over 108!!
Eventually, at 58 years young I realised I was lucky enough to still make choices regarding my long term health

Finally, I thank Maxine and Laurie from the bottom of my heart; I trust and trusted them completely. They are honest, caring, compassionate, generous and kind and in this business for all the right reasons."

Liz Wilson

"The pressure of both work and the terrible loss of our little nephew Sammy this past year saw me completely run down. I woke up one morning, and felt as though my entire body had broken down.

This would not have been a happy ending if not for Maxine and Laurie – they were as committed as I was, taking my calls and answering my emails at all hours, talking me through some very low moments. Today I am back to where I should be – a healthy and vital woman"

Melinda Rose

"I completed the HcG program in September 2012 and would love to share with you a brief insight into my experience and long term health benefits.

I loved the HcG program so much and the amazing change it can create to your well being on a long term basis, that I have recommended it to friends, who are now completing the program with great success. Maxine gave me lots of valuable tips and encouragement along the way:"