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Boost your Immune System this Winter

There is increasing global awareness and concern for antibiotic resistance, highlighting the importance of building a naturally strong immune system.

This is particularly critical in 'high risk' individuals including children and the elderly. If you are continually suffering from colds and infections or perhaps you simply want to avoid the flu this year, continuing reading here and consider booking an appointment.

"The part can never be well unless the whole is well."
-Plato (Greek philosopher)


Get to the root of your health concerns – that’s what we do here. We practice evidence based natural medicine in a caring and professional manner. Perhaps you just want to optimise your health or maybe you are living with a number of complex, chronic diseases. We can support you either way. Read about our practitioners, our services and what to expect at Step into Health.


Acupuncture Therapies

Acupuncture has been used for over 2000 years. Its benefits have always been acknowledged by users of acupuncture however science and research is now catching up. Much like the Yin Yang symbol, the effects of acupuncture are to bring balance and harmony to the body.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

For successful weight loss you need to consider all aspects of your health and lifestyle. That’s why we are good at it. We understand that weight loss is more complicated than just eat less and move more – in fact often that approach is completely unsuitable.

Two for $199

2 for $199

We understand that some conditions are best treated with a team approach. This package allows you to purchase 2 initial consultations with 2 separate practitioners at a reduced price. This is an excellent way to benefit from the combined knowledge and skills of two of our clinicians.

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