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Our ‘Practitioner Only’ Dispensary

Step into Health is a natural medicine clinic that offers a variety of evidence based, holistic services within the one center. Our services are 1 on 1 by consultation, our treatments are individualized and our approach is results orientated. The supplements that we hold within our dispensary

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Help me Sleep!

According to the Australasian Sleep Association, 1/3 of Australian adults aren’t getting a good night’s sleep.  And we are paying a significant cost for our ‘sleep debt.’ Research indicates that poor sleep patterns contribute to the development of mental health conditions, exhaustion, a depleted immune system, under

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Tips for Avoiding the EKKA Lurgy…

Sick of Being Sick? This year has quite possibly been the WORST year for colds, flus and viruses that we have EVER seen. And with the Brisbane EKKA just a week away, things are bound to get worst! The staff at Step into Health are sharing some

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Boosting Your Immunity with Natural Medicine

The cooler weather has set in and the merry go round of throat infections, sinus problems, hay fever, cold, flus and bronchitis begins again…. Many people will choose to ‘push through it’ because they simply can’t afford the time off work. This will prolong their sickness further

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