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How long does a consultation with a Nutritionist or Naturopath take?

You need to allow up to 90 minutes for your initial consultation as a full health history is taken, some in house testing may be conducted (VLA, live blood, iridology, blood pressure, blood sugar etc.) etc and then actions need to be discussed.

Follow up appointments are 60 minutes.

Are naturopath or nutritionist consultations rebatable?

Medicare does not provide rebates on consultations however many private health funds may rebate on our services. It is best to CHECK your policy if this is important to you. If booking for a Naturopath appointment then ensure that you are covered for naturopathy with your health fund and likewise if booking in to see our Nutritionist. There are over 90 different health funds and they change their rebate policies from time to time so going back to your health fund and asking directly guarantees you get the right information.

Nutritional supplements and herbal medicine is not rebatable under Medicare or private health.

Do I need to complete paperwork before coming in?

Yes please, usually. Please call us on 07 3398 1977 to have a chat and work out the best practitioner to treat you. We can then email out appropriate questionnaires and instructions on finding our clinic and what to bring with you.

Are all your practitioners registered?

Yes, all of our practitioners are registered with relevant industry associations. You should site their registration numbers on invoices and business cards.

How long does an acupuncture treatment take?

The initial appointment with Michael takes up to 90 minutes and follow up appointments take  an hour.

Do practitioners offer phone or Skype consultations?

Nutritionist Katie King offers Skype consultations and has Skyped with people in various states around Australia.

Do you post out repeat supplements?

Yes, if you are taking supplements ongoing and you are in regular contact with your practitioner then we do post out supplements via express post daily.

Where is the best place to buy the supplements we prescribe?

Here please. Within the clinic. We don’t recommend purchasing supplements off the shelf from the supermarket or similar. This would be like taking panadol for a broken leg – you need something strong in order to get a result. The herbs and concentrated nutrients in our products are very different to what you will find at your local chemist or health food store. Please respect this as it is important we can prescribe you the correct nutrients in the correct quantities to get you the results you want.

Do you regularly check blood pressure and blood sugar and can you order blood tests?

Yes we can check blood pressure and blood sugar levels in clinic. Most recently, we also offered in house cholesterol testing including total, triglycerides, LDL and HDL.

A Nutritionist and Naturopaths are able to order some blood tests including vitamin D, iron levels, full bloods, female and male hormones and if this is necessary it will be arranged.

Which health insurance offers the best cover for natural therapies?

We are asked this constantly. Unfortunately, there have been so many changes to private health recently we can’t keep up.