Note our NEW address: 1/69 Secam Street, MANSFIELD

Our Story and Values

Step into Health has been Carindale’s natural medicine hub for over 16 years – a milestone for any business! The clinic was established by Naturopath Maxine Wright and her husband Laurie Wright in its current location on Creek Road, Carindale. For many years, they provided exceptional care to a large client base, attracting people locally and interstate for assistance with chronic and acute health problems. In 2016, Maxine and Laurie felt that it was time to slow down a little, and the business was purchased by Nutritionist Katie King.

Katie brings a strong passion for integrated medicine to the table. In addition to naturopathy and nutritional services, the clinic now offers kinesiology and acupuncture. Step into Health has become a small team of clinicians wanting to provide real, long term solutions for our clients. Our vision and values can be summed up as follows:

  • We are a group of passionate health practitioners dedicated to assisting our clients to live their healthiest and happiest lives.
  • We are dedicated to providing professional, caring and results orientated service. We value evidence based health interventions and at the same time, we respect the uniqueness of each individual we treat.
  • We respect both orthodox and natural medicine. We treat ‘whole-istically’ and recognize that health has physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels. All are equally important and interrelated.
  • We are a team. We grow and learn both professionally and personally from each other. We believe that integration is the way of the future for healthcare. Our clients may benefit from the services provided by more than 1 practitioner at Step into Health. We make recommendations to our clients accordingly, with their best interests in mind.
  • Health is a journey. Our clients need to acknowledge this too. We may guide the health journey, but clients need to actively participate. Results reflect the dedication and commitment of both parties.