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Natural Medicine Consultations

Step Into Health Clinic

At Step into Health we offer natural medicine consultations with degree qualified clinicians.

A natural health practitioner will treat illness and disease by examining your lifestyle, diet, nutritional status, exercise habits, stress levels, life balance, home environment, work environment and your overall vitality.  Small changes and improvements in these areas moves us towards a life of health and away from a life of illness. This is the essence of holistic health.

It is for these reasons that more and more people are turning to a natural health for their care requirements and thinking holistically about their wellbeing. This approach will lead to a society of healthy and vibrant people enjoying true quality of life and wellness.

At Step into Health, we often see clients that may have seen their GP about a health complaint but have not received a diagnosis or any treatment. This can be really frustrating. Sometimes we don’t ‘fit into a box’ or tick all of the criteria for a particular health condition or problem. Because natural medicine focuses on treating every person as an individual and restoring energy, well being and optimal health, we can definitely assist with these kind of cases.

Its important to note that we do not dismiss or underestimate the importance of conventional medicine as far as life saving treatment is concerned. We must also stress that we do not ‘replace’ drugs with natural therapies – we can only compliment any conventional medicine you may be taking. If your desire is to eventually come off certain medication we may be able to help you improve your health so that your GP feels comfortable with this. Overall, we look forward to a time when conventional and complementary medicine work alongside each other as we believe this yields the best results.

It is estimated that approximately 70% of Australian adults currently take some kind of complementary medicine and approximately 1.9 million consultations with complementary medicine practitioners take place annually.

Evidence Based Practice

Natural medicine is an evidence based practice and we are passionate about keeping up to date with the latest research and formulating our treatment strategies around this.

How does a natural health consultation work?

During a consultation, a full health history is taken along with details of your current symptoms and ‘main complaint.’ We will ask all kinds of questions to find out about your life balance, your outlook, your living situation and your stress levels as physical, mental and spiritual health are all intertwined. For more specifics such as consultation duration, see the FAQ page.

Tools we may use in appointments

Some tests we recommend may come at an additional cost, payable directly to  the testing lab including:

  • Comprehensive digestive stool analysis
  • Comprehensive hormonal testing
  • Food intolerance or allergy testing
  • General blood tests

We may use the following tools / tests in clinic and these are included in the consultation fee:

  • Weight and waist measurements
  • Blood glucose and blood pressure
  • In house cholesterol testing ($25 additional fee to cover specialized testing equipment)

What is the difference between a Naturopath and a Nutritionist?

Based on the background and studies of our staff here, not a lot. Both are evidence based practices with a focus on the physical and mental health of clients. Our Naturopath may use liquid herbs whilst a Nutritionist may focus a little more closely on diet and address nutrient depletion. Both can prescribe relevant remedies / supplements.

To meet our practitioners, view the team here.

Our Natural Medicine Dispensary

We have a full herbal and nutritional dispensary at Step into Health and stock only high quality ‘practitioner only products.’ These are of the purest quality and highest concentration so that we are able to achieve therapeutic results with natural medicines.

For repeat stocking of supplements, please phone ahead. Supplements are only for current clients; we are not a shop and we don’t sell to the general public. You need to have a valid script or being seeing someone within the clinic who is over seeing your prescription.