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Weight Loss

Professional Weight Loss Options for Long Term Results

Weight loss is about more than just food and exercise. For successful weight loss that is sustainable long term you need to consider all aspects of your health and lifestyle.

That’s why we are good at it. We understand that weight loss is more complicated than just eat less and move more – in fact often that approach is completely unsuitable.

We do not do ‘fast fixes.’ So if you want to lose 10kg in 2 weeks we can’t help you. We also do not support the use of network marketing products as it is against our registration as evidence base practitioners.

Above all, we work with you as an individual. We don’t offer ‘1 size fits all’ programs for this reason.

Drivers of Weight Gain

Addressing the reason for weight gain is essential for long term results. Some common drivers include undiagnosed thyroid conditions, insulin resistance, high stress, under eating, gut issues and hormonal imbalances. The practitioners here at Step into Health are able to investigate these possibilities fully by organising relevant blood tests and / or functional pathology tests. We can then devise a treatment strategy that works to correct the underlying cause so that the weight issue can be resolved sustainably, for life.

The Mental and Physical Aspect of Weight Loss

The reason for our success at Step into Health is that we consider the mental, emotional and physical health of all our clients. With weight conditions, this is more important than ever. You are more than then number on your scales – your weight does not define you. Long term weight management is only possible when self-care is a priority and self-respect is restored. If this is not achieved then stress may inhibit our long term goals and destructive patterns may return such as emotional eating or binge / purge habits. Due to the combined skill set of practitioner at Step into Health, we can look after all of these aspects so that your physical transformations are supported by the appropriate mental emotional changes.

Weight Loss Consultations

Weight loss consultations are conducted just like our other appointments – a full 90 minute initial consult followed by shorter 45 minute consultations as required. We do not offer ‘set programs’ because we treat everyone individually. The longer initial is absolutely essential to ensure we get a complete picture of your health – often weight loss may be the client’s primary concern, but we identify other aspects of health that also need to be addressed.

Weight Loss Tools

In the clinic here, we may incorporate the following tools into your treatment to achieve success:

  • Measurements including weight and waist measurements.
  • High quality supplementation as required. (Quite often gut repair is a focus in weight loss. We must also use supplementation if an underlying thyroid or hormonal issue is identified. It is critical that we use tools to support sleep and energy in particular during any weight loss journey.)
  • Professional detoxification support (we aren’t talking lemon detox stuff or a juicing diet – evidence based detoxification to support phase 1 and phase 2 elimination pathways as required).
  • Clean meal replacement options although these are used amongst a ‘whole foods diet’

Ultimately, the key to never dieting again is a combination of learning how to fuel the body, establishing healthy exercise habits and making peace with the mind. We will be there with you right up to and beyond this point in your journey.

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